What’s that bear doing in my wardrobe?

19 Sep

What's that bear doing in my wardrobe?

I have heard many parents complain about the state of their teenagers rooms, and how maybe they are afraid to set foot inside them. What will they find therein? Dirty cups with mould growing on them? Take-away cartons? Clothes strewn all over the floor?

In our household we are pretty free and easy about entering other peoples’ rooms; I always knock before going into Jess’ room and I always collect and return her washing – she has her own wash bag which hangs on the door. Also, I am very strict about food and drink in the bedroom. Take-aways are pretty unheard of anyway, and if she eats or drinks in her room, she usually leaves the dirty stuff on the window sill or brings it straight down. In fact, over-all she is pretty tidy and is always rearranging her room. Because she takes pride in her space, we have allowed her to paint the walls in her own choice of colours; recently she added some drawing and graphics to one wall.

The problem is my sentimentality. There are certain books from child-hood which I don’t allow her to give away or discard. ‘Oh no, you can’t get rid of Burglar Bill, Peepo, the complete set of Beatrix Potter books’….. etc etc So when she gets fed up with them, I have had to find space for them on our own book shelves.

As for the cuddly toys! Now, some are fairly vile, but most of her toys are adorable and have sentimental value. There is little ted (the first bear I ever bought her), Jess the cat (a first Christmas present when she was 2 weeks old) and Monty the giant cat cushion, which I had specially made for her 4th birthday. Most of these have found a home in her old toy box or in the bottom of the wardrobe. This is just a small selection you understand!

Sometimes I walk into our bedroom or maybe open the wardrobe (we all have these ghastly canvas wardrobes on a wooden frame which are not very capacious) to find a huge bear or even Monty the giant cat staring out at me! And I have to add that I did ask Jess if she wanted to give Monty away, but no, she did not. So after a spell of a few months at grandma and grandad’s house, he was brought back in the car one day. Okay, so his paws keep falling off and it is my job to sew them back on…..

Then there are the old school books which appear on my wardrobe shelves, piled on top of my socks and jumpers. Jess is convinced that I’d be disappointed if she threw them away!

One day big ted and Paddington appeared in my wardrobe, and did I have the heart to send them away? No I did not, but I still wonder how it is that my daughter’s room is less cluttered than the master bedroom……

Fortunately we found a good home for the doll’s house and Arabesque the rocking horse is happily living in grandma and grandad’s garage!


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