Ice cream cone cakes from BBC Good Food August 2013 issue

8 Sep

Ice cream cone cakes from BBC Good Food August 2013 issue

Well the resounding analysis of these cakes is: don’t bother to make them! For a start I have renamed them ‘tumbling cakes’ as it is impossible to carry a plate of them from one room to another without them falling over and the icing going splat! You really need a special cake stand to put them on. In fact one of the cakes in the picture shows the resultant squashed icing.

I think that really this recipe is a good show piece, but actually it is not worth it. I prefer cakes that taste good. These were dry and had too much icing in order to create the ice cream cone effect. One alternative would be to pipe soft ice-cream on them and eat them straight away, or maybe use fresh cream. Even Jess found them too sweet. I personally thought that the cones tasted horrible, and Paul found them too sweet as well.

On a positive note, they could be good for a children’s tea party if you have a cake stand to prevent them from falling over, and if the children have reasonably good appetites.


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