Sunday Lunch

17 Feb

Sunday Lunch

This is the kind of food I like – tattie scones with roast mushrooms, free range bacon, free range sausage, rocket, plum tomatoes and citrus creme fraiche. The scones, mushrooms and creme fraiche are a breakfast recipe from the ‘Waitrose Magazine’ and the additions were my own idea.

Just to add yet another comment to all the current discussions about food labelling and horse meat, I have always enjoyed fresh food that I cook myself and I like to know where it has come from. I never buy ready meals or packs of burgers and this has been been my philosophy since long before all the food scares.

I once cooked a family lunch and wrote out a menu listing the sources of all the meat and other ingredients used. I also specified that it was a ‘completely nutty meal created by and containing nuts.’ This was a little tongue in cheek, obviously, but it was interesting to see how easy it was to carry out this exercise and specify for example which farm the carrots were from.

So today’s lunch included free range Lincolnshire pork sausages ‘from pigs sired by pedigree Hampshire breeders.’ The Denhay bacon is from a farm founded by two families, the Hoods and the Streatfeilds, in Dorset’s Marshwood Vale in 1952.

Anyway, this is not meant to be a lecture, just a celebration of good food!


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