Magazine Cover Recipes: Ice-cream Bombe from Sainsburys Magazine January 2013

6 Feb

Magazine Cover Recipes: Ice-cream Bombe from Sainsburys Magazine January 2013

I have to admit that owing to various circumstances, I am the only in the family so far to have actually sampled this pudding so far. But it is in the freezer so does not need to be eaten all at once.

I always love Nigel Slater’s recipes, and they are generally straightforward to make and full of flavour. Actually, this recipe is a little more effort than some of his, but then it is meant to be a party pudding. The flavour was superb, and the home-made centre section is made from blood oranges. Mine came out much pinker than Nigel’s and looked lovely on the dish. Just two small points I’d make here – firstly that for my taste it was a little chilly to be eating ice-cream in the middle of winter, but of course the lovely blood oranges are not available in the warmer months. Secondly, home-made ice-cream always sets rock hard, whereas commercial ice-cream is much softer, so combining the two (the outer layer is from a tub of good quality ice-cream as suggested in the recipe) makes it more difficult to construct, and also it is tricky getting it to the correct eating consistency. I might in the future make both layers from home-made ice-cream.

A real show-stopper with a lovely fresh flavour.


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