Have you had your vitamin D today?

5 Sep

I love my teenager and love some of the silly conversations we have together. Today when I arrived home from work at just after 3:00 was a typical example. Jess had her friend Rachel round for the day and the conversation with her ran something along the lines of:

(me) ‘Have you been in the pool today?

(Jess) ‘No.’

(me) ‘Why not?’

(Jess)’Because we’re watching this’ (film showing on laptop)

(me)’I hope it’s suitable for your age group.

(Jess)’Yes of course.’

(me) ‘I am a bit worried that you won’t be getting your vitamin D sitting here in the dark. ‘Did you have some lunch?’

(Jess) ‘Yes.’

(me) ‘What did you have?’

(Jess) ‘Nothing.’

(me) ‘What do you mean, nothing?!’

(Jess) ‘I said muffin, not nothing!’

(me) ‘How’s your rabbit?’ (subtle way of checking she has been fed and watered)

(Jess) ‘She’s fine. I went to feed her whilst I was getting my vitamin D!’

(me, addressing Rachel) ‘Does your mother talk to you like this?’

(Rachel) ‘No.’

Still, a teenager with attitude is better than a dull one with no opinions. Creatvity is so important! This is what I tell Paul when she has splashed yet more paint on the carpet or on the garden chairs whilst having a creative urge and painting the bookcases yet another colour!


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