Oh no it’s still Mr Blobby!

16 Aug

I always have a good look at the car park suggestions provided by Mr Rough. But for some peculiar reason Paul expects me to give him directions to get to the car parks! And then of course I have to read up on the restaurant recommendations and check where those are in relation to sights we are visiting that day. So when he suddenly says, ‘which way do we go at this signpost?’ I am in a panic, as I was actually working out how to reach the best restaurant with Tuscan specialities! I mean, am I expected to multi-task?! So when I confess that I have no idea, and that the road atlas does not show that particular exit from the motorway (because the scale is too small – that is such a good excuse!) he says ‘ look at my ‘phone then!’ ‘But I can’t see where we are on the ‘phone!’ ‘Just find the blue blob and you will be fine!’ ‘Okay I’ve found Mr Blobby but now the scale is so big that I cannot see where we are heading for!’

Of course the other problem is the tolls. Every time we come to a toll, I have to wind down my window and take the ticket then pay the toll with the credit card. Goodness knows how single drivers manage in an English car, with the steering wheel the wrong side of the car! And of course mistakes on the motorway in Europe, coming on and off motorways and changing direction every few miles, can be expensive mistakes!

Despite all of this, we have had lots of wonderul days out and reached every destination (eventually!)


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