Oh no, it’s Mr Blobby again!

16 Aug

In every good marriage or partnership, there should ideally be a driver and a navigator. Unfortunately, I am blessed with neither skill. I am best at providing a humourous perspective on life; Paul is an excellent driver and navigator, but even he finds it difficult to navigate whilst driving.

We have always managed with maps, rather than electronic devices. It has been quite a challenge driving across Europe, because of the scale of the road atlas. In England I can manage reasonably with the usual scale of atlas, but this is more difficult with such a vast area as Europe.

Thus we have resorted to the map system on Paul’s iphone. He set it up to mark our location with a flashing blue blob wherever we are. But you then have to keep increasing and decreasing the scale in order to see where you are going. And the road signs are something else in Italy! Place names mysteriously disappear just at the crucial moment; when they are there, it is difficult to ascertain whether the route is via the motorway or minor roads.

And when sitting in the front passenger seat, I prefer to spend my time admiring the scenery and reading out extracts from the ‘Rough Guide.’ Paul is very keen on history, so we like to get a historical perspective on all the sights and details of relevant paintings and frescoes in cathedrals and museums. After all, if he asked me to read  out the history of the Duomo of Florence, for instance, was he really expecting me to give him directions to get there too?


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