Can you kill flying bugs with crawling insect killer?

10 Aug

Just a few notes about the wildlife we have encountered in Tuscany:

Paul and Jess have been plagued by mosquitos; in fact we have all been bitten, but they have suffered more than I have. Paul’s bites have turned to blisters, so he has resorted to popping them with a sterilised needle (yuck!) and then wearing trainers and socks. One night, unknown to me, Paul actually closed our window despite the mosquito mesh, because of the gap at the bottom – understandable really given how he was suffering. The next day I blocked up the gap with a towel, so that we could have the window open. I just cannot sleep in the heat. This leads me onto other small creatures, namely……

Grasshoppers! You would not believe the size of them – at least 3 inches long and with a tendency to leap onto your laptop or land in long hair! (Jess and I have long hair). The same night that the window was closed, I am convinced that a grasshopper was rubbing his legs together gleefully all night, high up on the wall in our  bedroom. The noise was just unbelievable! Also very common here are…..

Lizards! Now I have no complaints about the lizards, being quiet and rather fascinating to watch. Trouble is they are great food for….

Cats! Our hosts’ family of cats has decided that we are easy prey for scraps of meat and spare milk. Viola is the mother and loves eating lizards. The first time I saw her eat one, she left the tail, which consequently was leaping around for a few minutes after the disappearance of the body! The rest of the family consists of Nero her son (we named him Nero as he is apparently nameless, and obviously black), another tabby who is probably a daughter, and a fox-like looking cat who could be the daddy! One evening, all except daddy joined us for dinner on the patio.

All of this leads me to my first question: Can you kill flying bugs with crawling insect killer? And I do not know the answer to that. However, we did go and buy some new flying insect killer when we realised our mistake. We also use the traditional burning coils at night, and the plug in insect killers. But there is nothing quite as satisfying as killing a hornet with a spray killer…..


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