Our Tuscan Villa – Part One

9 Aug

Our villa is beautiful; it is a converted hay barn, dating back to the sixteenth century, and was used as a hay barn until the 1950s. It is attached to the main house, where the owners live in the summer months. In the winter the family moves to Florence, as the winters are very severe in the Tuscan hills, so the roads would consequently be too hazardous in the snow.

The climb up from the village is over 3 miles, so it is not at any time practical to go shopping by foot. Apart from the intense heat, you really could not carry much up the steep hill.

We are lucky in that our villa is the closest to the swimming pool; also we have a bigger garden than some of the other properties on the estate. There is one room which serves as a kitchen/living room/dining room, and then there are 2 good sized bedrooms and a shower room.

Outside there is a lovely garden with a paved area with a table for dining. In practice we are tending to eat breakfast and dinner outside, but if at home in the middle of the day we eat lunch inside. Even with a sunshade and a large willow tree, it is usually too hot to eat out at lunch-time. Air conditioning is provided by stone walls and open doors and windows.


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