Our Journey to Tuscany – part 1

1 Aug

We set off for our 3 week holiday in Tuscany on the afternoon of Thursday 26th July. The idea was to escape the hype and our feelings of boredom about the olympics. Are we a lazy, non-sporty household? I don’t think so – we just don’t enjoy watching sport. Jess and I love swimming and we all like walking; Jess also likes to climb tress and Paul and I are regular users of the gym. We spent 2 days travelling to Italy , taking over-night stops in France and Switzerland. Our first over-night stop was in Wisques, not far from Calais. We arrived later than expected, as traffic was bad in England, so we had to take a later crossing to France, experiencing the joys of ferry food! The hotel in Wisques was lovely – a series of wooden lodges set among woodland (aptly named La Sapinieres). The restaurant menu looked great – lots of dishes with snails in. In the morning we had many visits from the resident dog, who was very amusing and kept jumping on the beds. I managed to send him next door to Jess’ room, so that he could jump on her bed too! In the pictures it is difficult to tell which is the front and back end of the dog.

Paul and I had trouble with our shower; basically we flooded the shower room and soaked a bit of carpet in the bedroom too. It was a kind of wet room which did not quite work! So a lot of mopping up with towels was required. However, when we explained this to the hotel receptionist in our best French, he did not seem that concerned! He did say that no-one else had ever had a problem, so maybe we are just messy shower users!

After breakfast we were on our way to Switzerland, stopping for coffee at a very civilised ‘Aire’ which is the French version of service station. Sometimes there are just picnic tables, running water and loos, but this one had a very good cafe, called ‘Paul’s.’



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